Monday, November 28, 2011

Round One!

Laura started her chemotherapy this past Tuesday.  She has three more infusions which will take place every third week.  December 12th will be our next round.  Once she has completed these four rounds she will then have one injection for twelve weeks.  This should get us pretty close to May where there will be a slight resting period before the surgery.

The wait is still on for the biopsy results from the D and C that was performed a week ago last Friday.

The first round of chemotherapy was completed avoiding a great deal of complications.  Laura was tired most of the week.   She spent a lot of time in her pajamas, but was able to enjoy most of each day.  The nausea medication served its purpose and kept the edge off a bit.

We were reflecting that in one week she had surgery to put the port in, as well as a D and C.  She started chemotherapy, along with throwing a birthday party for Lydia, Thanksgiving at our home on Thursday, and a birthday party for Bella on Friday.  We also managed to get the Christmas tree and make an effort to put it up on Saturday.  It was too full of a week. 

Going to church on Sunday provided her with an added boost of energy from all the encouragement she received.  We are so blessed to be a part of such a great church.  Pathway has surrounded us with so much prayer and support.  It was great sitting with my wife, singing a few songs, and being inspired by the Word.  So rich.

Sunday afternoon a great deal of cramping set in.  Do you know there is a significant difference between stool softeners and laxatives?   If anyone ever needs to know the difference - simply give me a call.  I became somewhat of an expert in just a few short hours.  It really does make a difference how things come out in the end.  Ha!

Tomorrow we will make a final wig shopping run and without a doubt make a purchase.  I am not looking forward to the day when all her hair disappears, but I also know that my emotions pale in comparison to Laura's.  It simply will be another hurdle that we will get across - and cross together as a couple and a family.

On Wednesday she will have a fine needle biopsy to determine if a nodule on her thyroid is cancerous.  I have no doubt that she is at her limit begin poked.  My prayer is that we are at the end of the discovery phase. 

In this journey I am finding my eyes becoming so wide open to who my wife is.   I have always appreciated everything Laura has done to make the home function.  She is like so many moms who manage the order, keep the kids moving, and attempt to remain sane.  In addition, Laura has provided the oversight to their education, which does add a little more of a burden to the plate.

She is walking through this with such grace.  Her faithful witness before our kids is an education many little ones would never receive, and we have no doubt it's all for a reason.  She is diving into her bible every day - if not several times a day, and I can't wait to sneak a peek or two of what she is writing in her journal.   God's Word is even more alive and more active in such times like these. 

I have sensed the kids have felt a little disjointed these past few weeks.  We are working to reestablish a daily pattern and get life back to a normal routine.   What I have learned rather quickly is that I fully understand why God gave a man a work to do!  Enough said about that.  

We are trusting and doing our best not to allow "cancer" to consume us.  Laura's circle of friends is expanding and our hearts and eyes have become much more open to those who are on this journey with us, especially the families who are battling cancer as well.

One of those individuals is Devon Grabaski.  He is ten-years old and his dad Mike and mom Debra attend PCC.  Devon had a cancerous brain turmor removed several weeks ago.  He came to church Saturday night and I was blown away by his faith and strength.  Devon starts his first round of chemo tomorrow and I would like you to pray for him as well as encourage him.  His Caring Bride site is:

Go to it.  Write him a short note and let him know you are standing in the gap for him.

My nose is in the book of Ruth preparing to teach this weekend.  Again, the Word of God speaks with such conviction and clearly conveys that we serve a God who is fully engaged in every step of our life.  I am thankful His arms are strong enough, and hands are big enough to handle it all.

Ron - Isaiah 40:10-11

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