Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Next Course

We had our consult on Monday at IU Med.  The doctor was exceptional with Laura.  She did a biopsy on her lymph nodes and found that 2 maybe 3 had cancer.  The Pet Scan also lights up on her thyroid, but we are not making that the focus of the plan at this point.  It will have to biopsied in the near future.  If the thyroid has cancer it is unrelated to the breast cancer. 

The tumor is large - and the doctor believed that the best course of action is to do chemo first.  The purpose is to see if we can get the tumor reduced in size as well as see if the chemo is in fact working by looking more closely at the lymph nodes in question.  (Most women have the cancer and lymph-nodes removed and then start chemo, which leaves in question if the chemo is working.  By going this route first we are able to attack the cancer as well as any possible cells that have moved to other parts of her body.)

We met with our oncologist Tuesday and Laura will have a port placed in next week by our surgeon so she can begin the chemo.  

Laura will have surgery in the near future which will include a complete mastectomy with lymph nodes removed as well.  It will be followed up by reconstruction. 

We had a quiet and long drive home from, but the Lord continues to show us that we have met with the right people who have directed us to the right process of finding out good information.

We loved on our kids a bunch and we are ready to fight the battle that lies ahead.

  • Pray that the chemo will do its job of attacking the cancer.
  • Pray for Laura's body that it would not respond too negatively to the chemo.
  • Pray for our kids as they begin to watch mom change a bit.  We are praying that God will use this hard time to strengthen their faith in Him as well as develop a deeper love and appreciation for each other. 
  • Pray for Laura's complete healing.  We have a God who can and who does do mighty things.
  • Pray that Laura and I will learn all the Lord wants to teach us through this journey.  We are holding on tight to His presence and promises.  We know He is leading and guiding and taking us through this so that our character will be refined to look a little bit more like Him. 

My intention is to finish off my vacation this week and then for us to see how the first round of chemo goes.  I am fully committed to walk with Laura through each phase of this including being present at every chemo and doctor appointment. 

Today Laura held onto Deut. 31:8 - "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you.  He will never leave you or forsake you.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be discouraged." 

We are holding fast to the goodness of our Lord.

Ron and Laura


  1. Whatever you need, we will do for you. Prayer is a given. Although we've never faced cancer ourselves, we've faced it with family & friends, as well as experiencing the trauma of a major, unexpected health crisis. We love you guys & are blessed to have known you for so many years. Our hearts are with you & we are trusting with you.

  2. You are amazing family and together and with the help of God you will get through this and all be even stronger than you are already.

  3. We will pray for your family as you endure this journey! We know that God will be with you through everything! Thank you for updates!