Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lessons Gained

Tomorrow is surgery for Laura. Over the past six months she has demonstrated strength, grace, trust, but most of all a deep faith in the plan God has laid before us. I have been privileged to watch her dig deep into God's Word and find those nuggets of truth she has hung onto each step of the journey so far. As a result, my life has been enriched and my personal faith challenged by seeing her's grow.

We hold onto Isaiah 43:1-3 knowing the LORD our God is with us through the water and the fire. Lamentations 3:22-28 reminds us of how much we have been consumed by His love and care, but most of all the deep and abiding peace of His presence.

His plan has been good. Because of His great love we have not been consumed by the challenges, but have basked in the goodness of the Lord's compassion and faithfulness which have been poured out on us every morning.

Laura's faith has been steadfast. She has not wavered through the turbulence. Fear has been overcome by the truth of the Lord's deep love for her life.

Much has changed over the past several months in our lives and home, and we know God is not finished with us yet. The hardships He has led us into have rubbed some edges off us.

This time has served to sharpen us and soften us. In the hearts of our kids it has served to shape character as well as given them handles to hold onto in the future. Our marriage has gone places it never would have gone without the cancer.

We walk into this next phase knowing that God has been at work in all things and will continue to be as He forms us into the people He longs for us to be.

We are thankful for His grace! I am thankful for the common grace He has given me in my wife! Ron

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