Friday, January 27, 2012

A Great Life!

Laura completed round four of her chemotherapy this past Monday.  We looked at this as a true milestone in her recovery knowing that these first four rounds can deliver a bit of a punch.  As the treatments progressed so did the physical and at times emotional impact of the drugs.  She continues to be tired, at times her moods can be a bit blue, and there have been some shivers in the night.  When I look into her face the weight loss is so apparent, and yet her drive continues to outperform her challenges.

The kids continue to make their way into her bed throughout the day.  I have caught glimpses of Dawson walking in, rubbing her head and giving her a kiss.  Sophia and Lydia love camping out with their books in tow, and either doing school work beside her or on the floor near her.  Bella is her own woman controlling every other space she wanders into. 

I can sense that the kids know we are in for a long road over the weeks and months.   They are learning to take on new responsibilities and I'm proud of the attitudes they tend to display on a fairly consistent manner.  We are truly blessed.

Tonight before Laura and I went to bed I stood over the sleeping bodies of my oldest girls and thanked the Lord for the character He is shaping in them.  I peeked in on Dawson and found myself deeply grateful for his kind and gentle spirit.  I then crawled into bed hoping I would crash quickly only to find myself listening to Laura sleep, or should I say "snor" - extremely honored to be her husband.  On my way down to write this post I opened Bella's bedroom door, and smiled that sleep had finally conquered her driving spirit.

I had a challenging and deeply painful day at work today.  Sometimes walking with people in the midst of their messes leaves one a bit weary.  It was good to go home and be immediately reminded of all the ways the Lord has poured out His goodness on my life even in the midst of our cancer journey. 

"I will praise the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live." - Ps. 146:1

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  1. Ron,
    This is the first time I've been to your blog. I got the address from the church bulletin this weekend. I have never commented or responded to any type of blog before, but your post was truly beautiful. Your honesty with your struggles, the strength and love of your family, and your awesome faith is such a blessing to others. God is truly using you to show his light and love. You, Laura, and your kids are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Beth Robinson