Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Okay parents, you need to invest in a resource for your kids that will grab hold of your heart and mind.

I started reading through The Jesus Storybook Bible with my girls tonight. I purchased it with the idea that they would eventually read it to their little sister. All three of us become easily engrossed with it from the start.

The entire thrust of the book is to paint a picture of Jesus as our Rescuer from Genesis through Revelation. Sally Jones retells each event with vivid color and creativity as she sets the stage for Jesus to show up on the scene.

I found myself captivated by the manner in which the stories are written, discovering a fresh approach and appreciation for each one. I highly recommend it. As a matter of fact my mind is already running down the path of creating a series that would tie into the book.

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