Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Study Break Begins

Life is rather ironic. I am suppose to be starting a summer study break which will allow me time to focus on reading, writing and preparing my schedule for next year. I have been anticipating this time now for several weeks and looking forward to stepping back from ministry and engaging deeper with family.

Ministry has a way of delivering one some big surprises that can at times derail the best of intentions. This week, instead of working on some future series planning I am spending my time with a hurting family walking towards a much dreaded funeral. What's strange is that I don't mind. I feel no regret. If anything there is a tinge of anticipation about the opportunity to walk alongside of a family I love and sharing the good news with a captive audience.

To make the most of every opportunity means that one must look for those moments whereby the Lord can work in and through you. When you begin to live with an "opportunity mindset" you become keenly aware how interruptions become divine appointments handed down through times of tragedy to point others to the one who truly triumphs.

This week may not entail a planned study break, but it does include rich opportunities to bring hope and an eternal perspective to many.

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